Minu Oh

Portland, Oregon-based designer + frontend developer active in the web space.

I am a design thinker and lover of online products, specializing in Ecommerce and Business Application Design. I am looking to connect with passionate business people who live the long term sustainable growth model, and believe in the ability for great design to make a profound difference in their business.

70% of my work is based around Humming Ray, an ecommerce design + build company creating custom stores running on the Magento platform and Opal Themes, a soon-to-be released Magento theme store for merchants and developers.

30% of my work is on other independent web applications, one of which is Dotmesh.

Bragging Rights

I was the lead designer + frontend developer of Magento's original core dev team and was responsible for much of the designs and HTML/CSS structure you see in Magento today.

Hiring Me

I am always eager to take part in building industry-disrupting web products. Feel free to send me a note if your next web app needs an industry veteran with proven record of delivering quality work.

If you are looking for Magento designer or developer, please get in touch via the Humming Ray website.

"Well done is better than well said."

- Franklin -